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Nuestro Equipo

Armand Puyolt

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Esther Ramos

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

Ron Sacka

Chief Marketing Officer

Oliver Chiriboga

Senior Vice President

Neftaly P.

Director of Corporate Operations

Laura P.

Director of Finance

Yvette P.

Director of Commisions

Marisol P.

Director of Corporate Affairs

Jovan P.

Director of Logistics

Esai P.

Director of Customer Relations

Mark A.

Director of Creative Design

Janette P.

Directora de Cumplimiento

Alicia A

Customer Service Supervisor

Carolina J.

General Manager - Colombia

Yadith A.

General Manager - Costa Rica

Bianel C.

General Manager - Dominican Republic

Yancy M.

General Manager - El Salvador

Judith P.

General Manager - Mexico

Yeimy B.

General Manager - Panama

Patricia Y.

General Manager - Peru